GL_T2F_C4UB_V3F performance


i have read somewhere that interleaved arrays with GL_T2F_C4UB_V3F is fastest for most opengl cards. Could be speed different if i use same vertex-array but components have another order? (same vertex byte size (VBO too), but for example coord is swapped with uv). If so is it significant?
i didn’t found relevant info at nvidia or ati web.

Well, the glInterleaved… call is more or less for convenience.

You can easily set up interleaved vertex array by proper setting of the pointers and the stride parameter of glVertexPointer …

Well, if you’re interested in performance, look to VBO’s before using glInterleaved. And, as Scott mentioned, you don’t need to use glInterleaved to do interleving. Indeed, it’s probably best to not use it at all; it doesn’t have very many formats (no multitextures, no second color, and no arbitrary attributes).

Ultimately, it was a call that the GL designers thought would be nice to have around that turned out to be unnecessary.