i was a bit confused when my GeForce2 MX reported an GL_SGIS_multitexture extension, cause i can’t find this extension in the registry, only references to it from 3dfx_tbuffer and SGIX_fog_texture.

can somebody tell me what this extension does?



I think it was the first name of GL_ARB_multitexture.

I don’t remember if it was promoted directly from SGIS to ARB or if there has been an EXT intermediate stage… (actually I suppose it was a direct promotion as my GeForce does not expose any GL_EXT_multitexture…).



P.S.: if I am right, the fact that your driver exposes this extension enables old software to run (they are still looking for GL_SGIS: they don’t know that it has been promoted to GL_ARB !).

a bit more info
As far as I know SGIS_multitexture is obsolete.

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