Recently I have bought an A-OPEN Nvidea Geforce 2MX. The card was put into my computer and the drivers were installed. My Direct 3d games like Unreal Tournament work great however I experienced a slight problem with Open GL games . Although “Open GL compatibly” was written all over the box and there was even a tweaker for Open GL in the advanced settings, my Open GL games (Quake 3, Alice) failed to load the “Open GL subsystem”. Theres a file called nvopengl.dll described as an Open Gl installable client driver.
Since Gl setup did not come with the VGA driver cd I got a Beta GL Setup program on my MDK2 disk.I then installed GLsetup and (with some trouble) it detected my 3d card and then it downloaded the “Geforce family Reference drivers” . However this has seemed to make no difference at all .It has changed my advanced settings in the display properties. From here I got confused and frustrated and stopped the installation or what ever I had to do. I paid R1000 to get this card and I don’t want the thing not working properly. If someone could give me some good instructions on how to get my Open GL working I would appreciate it .There is also another strange thing about this card.My computer refers to it as an A-OPEN PA256 MX (is there such a thing)and not as an Geforce 2MX like its supposed to.When I got the “Geforce family Reference drivers” only then was it refered to as an Geforce 2MX . Could there be something wrong with my card or my drivers? THX a million!

Search for old threads on Quake3. Such problems have been discussed, and they don’t really have to do with your card supporting OpenGL or not (it most likely works fine - try to run a GL screensaver or something).

Correct me if I am wrong, but only the manufacturer’s drivers will distinguish the video card as their own… like Acer, Asus and will actually have its name in device manager. However Nvidia’s reference drivers just detect the chipset, therefore yours is Geforce 2 mx. That’s not a problem, I have an Asus Geforce 2 mx and 12.90 dets and it sees my card as geforce2mx/mx400… <shrug>

I’m having the same problem with my Aopen PA256MX II , which is the Nvidia Geforce2MX or NV11 Chip. Clean install of Win98SE,latest AliAGP drivers, Det.12.41 driver’s. Tried to install latest opengl drivers from www.glsetup and got a message that there is no current driver for my system. I can play d3d fine. Opengl will not work at all. No Q3 , locks up at the rock wall. The Win98 screensavers dont even work. They lock up in the small view window.I checked the registry and there appears to be Opengl drivers. The win.ini file has no entry for DVA=0 anywhere. What is a guy to do?

I am not familiar with Ali-based motherboards… still is your bios up to date?
Did u try using original drivers that came with your card first?

My system Bios is up to date, I’m not sure of the video Bios. I seem to remember running the screensavers when I had the OEM driver installed. Mind you I elected to go with the Det. 12.41 drivers due to the fact the OEM Aopen 6.62 driver is just their version of Det 6.31 drivers. They are slow… The only way for me to check for a video bios update is to reinstall the oem drivers which include an update wizard. If Aopen says the card is opengl compliant then the bios must be compliant, what difference does it make which drivers you use? Aopen’s or Nvidia’s ? It seems both should work. Its possible I’m not doing something right. How do you check if opengl drivers are installed correct or at all?