It would be nice to have a render mode that supports both rendering and feedback, so that when I render a scene I can grab an object or two for feedback and the transformed points don’t have to be transformed once for rendering and again for feed back buffers. Sounds like a good idea, any reasons not to, would probably be implememtation specific like if hardware accelerated T&L that doesn’t support it, but I would think they could resort to software although performance would probably take a hit, that would go either way though if you have retransform the points again.

I second that, but it would be nice to do all kinds of combinations:


better yet, it would be nice to have built in picking instead of using gluPickMatrix() and going through the rest of the stuff:

glPickList(GLxxx x, GLxxx y, GLuint *namelist); //namelist is ordered by GL by z-value

a function like this may be called repeadeadly from the Paint() function as the mouse moves within the regions. Application such as CAD could use this.