Ive got codewarrior 4 and the gl goods. Im just starting and i was trying to compile some source code from the “3d case study” tutorial. I’m trying to compile them as Win32 Apps but i keep getting errors with this part of code:

int void{
glClearColor(1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 0.0) ;
glShadeModel(GL_FLAT) ;

Codewarrior doesnt like it…Any help??

Is this a good tutorial for a beginner? Any suggestions are welcome…


Originally posted by CHEF:

Is this a good tutorial for a beginner?

You should look at NeHe’s tutorials.


hope this helps,

Daniel Palomo van Es

i’m not sure 'bout what codewarrior is, i’ve just heard 'bout it, but if that’s c or c++ code, defining a function named “void” is really going to piss off any compiler

just change the function.

wow do i hope that’s c code, or i’m really going to feel like a newbie…

It does look like C code to me
But still, void is not a valid function name, but a keyword telling the compiler for example, that no parameters are to be passed to a function.
I assume, that it was supposed to look like this:

int init(void){


that would specify a function named init, which doesn’t accept any parameters and returns an integer value, so calling the function would look like

returnValue = init();

void init(void){

would specify a function that doesn’t take any parameters and returns nothing. Look into some sample code in OpenGL tutorials and especially, look into any C sample code. Hope that solves your problem