this is my first post.

i’m an oglsl noob, working mainly with multitextures in rectangular frames as a kind of video mixing setup.

i note there’s a bug in GL_POLYGON_SMOOTH which causes artefacts along the triangulation edges, and i’m wondering is there’s any known resolution for this using a vertex or fragment shaders?


do you have a reason to use polygon smooth instead of MSAA ?


how do you use MSAA?

MultiSample AntiAliasing :

cool, i thought there would be a tutorial somewhere but for some reason it didn’t pop up when i searched.

i’m rendering into a pixel buffer in X (using GLX) so i guess in some ways it might be a fairly localised change, but i’m also using a lot of multitextures, and i suspect global multisampling (as compared with polygon smoothing) wld add lot to the processing load. is that a reasonable assumption?