GL Performance -- MFC vs. Hardcore Windows

Ok, the deal is, I have to write an effect editting application for our game. In house, the unofficial rule is that all apps will be written using MFC ( I’m not particularly familiar with MFC ). Well, one of the guys at work wrote an app to build shaders for Quake3, the bonus being that we’d get real-time feedback on what the shader might look like. Only…the performance is horrible.

I know I can write a fast app using just plain ol’ windows and doing everything myself…but this could end up being a reasonably sophisticated piece of software, so I’d ideally like the development to go as quickly as possibly.

So, I guess the question is, is there something with how one typically architects an MFC app that leads to the low performance, or are there reasonable ways around this?


using MFC shouldnt slow an application down much, ild say less than 1%.