I have written an application that becomes extremely slow after working with it for a while. After a long time the function glGetError() returns GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY. Which OpenGL functions can cause an GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY error, because at this moment I have no clue what causes the problem.

  • check that you don’t create too many textures (delete the ones you don’t want)
  • same with display lists
  • same with VBO, etc

you can pour glGetError() everywhere to track down wich call actually goes out of memory.
And try this tool, it can help to trace your gl calls :

Thanks for the reply, check your tips and the tool. I am just using one small checker texture. I am using Vertex Arrays are they potential allocating memory? At this time I check the glGetError only after a complete frame. I will put in extra some extra glGetError calls to narrow it down.

Great tool I think that I found the problem.

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