gl_NormalMatrix : Inverse?

I have a situation where I need to have the untransformed normal in the pixel shader. But only the transformed normal ( gl_NormalMatrix * gl_Normal ) is available to me. (to make a long story short: passing the untransform normal from the vertex shader to the pixel shader is not an option)

I’m a little confused about the matrix math needed to transform the eye normal back to world normal.

I’ve tried different things but can’t seem to get it right.

You can use the gl_NormalMatrixInverse or gl_NormalMatrixTranspose. A problem is that both requires a higher GLSL version.

A GLSL 1.0 compatible variant is to transpose the normal Matrix in a shader, it doesn’t cost any instructions (the compiler will use 3 dot3 instructions instead Mul+Madd+Madd)

mat3 tnormalmat = transpose(gl_NormalMatrix);

or use that variant:

vec3 untransformed = vec3(dot(normal, gl_NormalMatrix[0]),dot(normal, gl_NormalMatrix[1]),dot(normal, gl_NormalMatrix[2]));

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