I was wondering if anyone could give me a definitive answer to the question : Does stereoscopic view ever work in a window that also supports hardware multisampling?

I have a program with code for both multisampling and stereo view and when I allocate/enable for one or the other they both work fine. However, when I attempt to allocate for both the stereo view comes back as not supported.

To be clear, when I allocate a window for multisampling and query GL_SAMPLES and GL_SAMPLE_BUFFERS I get 4 and 1 and the antialiasing works fine.

When I allocate for Stereo and I query for GL_DOUBLEBUFFERS and GL_STEREO they both come back as GL_TRUE and the stereo view works fine.

When I attempt to allocate for both, GL_SAMPLES and GL_SAMPLEBUFFERS still come back as 4 and 1 and GL_DOUBLEBUFFERS comes back as GL_TRUE but GL_STEREO comes back as GL_FALSE. The antialiasing works fine but the stereo view does not.

So, all that said, I figure that either OpenGL never supports the use of these two features together or my Nvidia card/driver simply does not support the use of these two features together. I was wondering if someone could enlighten me further as to which case it might be and the reasoning behind it?

OpenGL has no prohibitions on combining the two.

It’s a lot more memory too. Can you try to allocate a very small framebuffer?