GL++ Library, demos posted

Hello all,

Many of the demos out there are written very repetitively, and a lot of them are tied to a particularly offensive operating system associated with a very rich man on the Northwest coast. I don’t want to hardcode my apps to any particular operating system, and saw no particular benefits to doing so in the demos on NeHe. So I’ve posted a set of C++ classes (thus far tested only on Linux, but it should work anywhere) that makes it easier to build little applications portably, complete with fonts, particularly for scientific visualization. It’s free and screenshots and code are available at:

This is very much a work in progress, but several people have asked me about screen saving code, so I figured why not just post it. If you have any complaints, write me and help me fix it!

Here it is:

The code supports:

  1. saving the output to a bitmap
  2. configuration files for various parameters like window size, position, colors, etc.
  3. ftgl truetype fonts on all platforms
  4. Reading a config file, and making multiple plots (very fast) saving each screen to a bitmap.

…and lots of other features either done or in the making. Read the page.

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