GL Intercept 'SetImageDirtyPost' message -- what does this mean and why?

Relatively new to OpenGL programming. I’m using Qt (5.2.1) interface to OpenGL, and ‘testing’ with GL Intercept (1.32).
I get the following message: ‘InterceptImage::SetImageDirtyPost - Flagging an image as dirty when it is not ready/init?’ when I run the following code:

            //    figure out the target from the R templated value
            GLenum vTarget = GL_TEXTURE_2D ;

            //    check for an even number of columns
            if (vSizes.Value1%2 == 0)
                //    the calling function ensures we have good data -- see the header.
                //    declare an instance of the 3.2 functions -- we need the GL error function.
                QOpenGLFunctions_4_3_Core vOpenGLFncs ;
                if (vOpenGLFncs.initializeOpenGLFunctions())
                    //    clear any open gl errors prior to starting.
                    LightboxGLErrorHandler vGLError ;
                    vGLError.ReadGLErrors() ;

                    // Ask OpenGL to create a new texture
                    vOpenGLFncs.glGenTextures(1, &vTextureName) ;

                    // Activate an arbitraty texture unit and bind the texture
                    vOpenGLFncs.glActiveTexture(GL_TEXTURE0) ;
                    vOpenGLFncs.glBindTexture(vTarget, vTextureName) ;

                    //    set various parameters
                    vOpenGLFncs.glTexParameteri(vTarget, GL_TEXTURE_MIN_FILTER, vMinFilter);
                    vOpenGLFncs.glTexParameteri(vTarget, GL_TEXTURE_MAG_FILTER, vMagFilter);
                    vOpenGLFncs.glTexParameteri(vTarget, GL_TEXTURE_WRAP_R,     vWrapMode);
                    vOpenGLFncs.glTexParameteri(vTarget, GL_TEXTURE_WRAP_S,     vWrapMode);

                    //    allocate storage for the texture
                    vOpenGLFncs.glTexStorage2D(vTarget, 1, vInternalFormat, vSizes.Value1, vSizes.Value2) ;

                    //    if there is data, pass it to openGL
                    if (vpData) vOpenGLFncs.glTexSubImage2D(vTarget, 0, 0, 0, vSizes.Value1, vSizes.Value2, vPixelFormat, vPixelType, vpData);

                    //    read the GL Errors
                    if (vGLError.ReadGLErrors())
                        vGLError.LogGLErrors() ;
                        vRtn = true ;

Additional comments:

  1. (pointing out he obvious) It only happens when vpData points at data (is not NULL).
  2. I do not get any OpenGL errors. This is the complete GL Intercept log:GL Intercept Log. Version : 1.32 Compile Date: Feb 23 2015 Run on: Wed Aug 26 16:36:54 2015

InterceptImage::SetImageDirtyPost - Flagging an image as dirty when it is not ready/init?

og End.

What does this message mean? And, what am I doing (or not doing) to cause it?

Thanks in advanced.