GL Installation with Nvidia G-F-Mx2

OpenGL installer says that it does not recodnise video card? Tried lots of new drivers etc. Box says that Nvidia DOES support GL…
What the **** is going on?

I guess you mean that glsetup can not identify your card?
This is probably because that the vendor string used to identify has been altered. NVidia certainly supports OpenGL and you can get the latest directly from them

If you already have installed older drivers should they also support OpenGL. The latest is supposed to be the best so a download is recommended.

Yes thats right the OpenGL software does not recondise the card. I have tried reinstalling drivers etc. Thanks but the Nvidia website does not seem to contain much useful troubleshooting info.

IV got the same problem az u! Cant run Glsetup, card does not support. when i try 2 run opengl in half life it worx but in q3 and american alice and all other gl games I just get a grey screen with a text cursor can any1 help me?

Just don’t get it uh? Install the Detonator and you get better than OpenGL 1.1 drivers.
Because nVidia makes the best driver for their own card.

I am having the same problem too…
i can run all Direct3D games perfectly, but i cant even RUN an OpenGL game,i tried Quake3, alone in the dark 4, heretic 2…
i tried the detonator driver but it just doesnt work…i even installed the OpenGL drivers and i got the same OL’RESULTS…i am getting bored if this…IF ANY1 CAN HELP ME…PLZ