GL in console mode

This might be a strange question, but can you use OpenGL in just the console mode? (I know that you wont see the gl effects through a SSH login this way, I am just trying to conserve every single processor cycle I can.) If I dont need to load XWindows, I dont want to.

Using RedHat 8.0 with the standard Mesa drivers.

If it is not possible, oh well, I will get by.

I remember having read long time ago about programming GL with svgalib; or was it glide?

Anyway I just can’t find anyone that has actually done it. I remember that I used once mame compiled for the console on GL mode, but I had a Voodoo2 then, so I can’t remember exactly what api was it.

If you’re serious at attempting that maybe your best bet is checking libSDL, that runs GL and runs in console, and give it a try.

But if you do have hardware acceleration it should be much faster under X.

[added] You are going to need either framebuffer support at the console for libSDL or a vesa compatible card for libsvga, ar maybe both.

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