GL Implementations


Be warned: this is probably a total neophyte question :wink:

I just read in The Red Book (1.2/3rd), that “vertex sharing” is not supported in all OpenGL implementations (in the section “Vertex Arrays”). So, my question is: If an OpenGL program I have made for Windows (using WGL) works on my computer, will it work on all Windows computers? Or, in other words: Do all Windows systems use the same implementation, or does it depend on the hardware/driver/somethingElse?

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Every 3d chip/card vendor needs to license this own OpenGL implementstion.

I hope this answers your question.

Yeah, it does.

I found out that you can get the version used by the system with glGetString ( GL_VERSION ). The default version in Windows is 1.1, but if you need to access function in the driver/on the card (extensions), simply get the address with wglGetProcAddress.

Thanks for your reply.

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