I’m using Borland’s C++ Builder (and I won’t change to VC++) and have two problems. The first is, that I just can’t download the new Detonator XP 40.72 drivers from the nVidia page. I don’t know why, but I always get an 811 byte GIF, instead of an EXE. I’ve tried it with IExplore, wget, lynx, telnet and even an own client I’ve just written to download that damn file. Still same. Does anyone know another download location? And if not, can anybody send it to me?

The next problem is the gl.h I have. It’s still from the stone age. Does anyone know, where to get the newest gl.h (v1.4) for Win32? Searched the whole internet, but couldn’t find it. If somebody has it, please send it to me.


There is not a gl.h 1.4 for windows from what I understand, due to the fact Microsoft has not released a openGL library for windows pass 1.2.

You have to use openGL extension to access the 1.4 functions in the openGL graphics drivers.