gl.h... where to get it?

Well, looks like my gl.h header file is really old. Here’s what’s happened.

We all know that some extensions may be promoted to core features. This is the case of multitexturing, which is core feature from GL1.3.

I am writing a small techdemo to pratice my skills and there’s a point in which I call


As far as I know, this is perfectly correct (pag. 35, 47/296 - GL1.3 specs). Since it’s a core feature I don’t need to allocate it with wglGetProcAddress however I get an error. It looks like the function does not exist (actually, there’s no declaration in the gl.h header).

I figured out my gl.h header may be horribly obsolete, so I was watching to update it at least to GL1.3… too bad I was unable to find it (many many many hours which may have been spent better coding)!

Any ideas on how to get an upgrade?
I’ll probably need the revamped opengl32.lib, otherways, something is telling me I’ll get a link error

lemmie guess? your using Windows?

i hate to be the one to break it to you, but unless i’ve missed something big(which is possible) your pretty much stuck with a half implementation of 1.2 as far as officially and software support goes.

welcome, to hating Microsoft.

yeah, you’ll need to access multitexturing (and anything else not in gl 1.1) through the extension mechanism.

Mh, how funny. I wonder if vendors should provide the .h in theirs SDKs, well, that’s not important.

No-one, the term “half-implementation” doesn’t really fit: checked out the .h, it’s the GL1.1 only. Sorry to have not noticed this before. Now I understand why everybody is stuck with GL1.1… This looks like some sort of conspiracy to me. :mad

Here we go with the extension, however, looks like the glActiveTexture function is still defined in the glext.h header (which I am also including). I should get a link error… not so important however, time to learn SDL_GetProcAddress(…) or anyway it’s called.

Thanks everyone for the feedback!