Gl.h, glext.h, and opengl32.dll

Hello. I am working a little with multi texturing and was trying to use GL_SUBTRACT but it is not in either gl.h or glext.h. I have an nVidia GeForce Quadro 4 900XGL adapter with the latest drivers. How can I go about getting the latest gl.h, glext.h, and opengl32.dll files? Thanks.

you can get the latest headers here

as for the dll, that comes with windows. all the relevant updates are included with the nvidia drivers.

Thanks. I did not realize that relevant opengl32.dll updates come automatically via the nVidia drivers but it certainly makes sense.

actually, opengl32.dll itself isn’t updated. i was referring to the variuos dlls that nvidia installs, which you can view in the advanced display properties dialog.

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