'gl/glut.h' error HELP

i am trying install glut on my computer.
I have ms c++ 6.0 and open gl. I have attempted to include all the glut header files but I still receive this error when I compile:

Cannot open include file: ‘gl/glut.h’: No such file or directory

There are no GL/glut.h
There are GL/gl.h, GL/glu.h and GL/glaux.h

You’ll have to download the glut headers and libraries. There’s a link to them somewhere from this site. Put the glut.h in your VC98/include/gl directory and the libraries into the VC98/lib directoctory.

Take a look at

hi Luke,
first you’ll have to download the glut headers and libraries,and put it in the vc98 folder, just like Deiussum said.
then,if u use Window, then, try to go to C:\windows\system and try to find glut32.dll to make sure it is there.

then, when you do a new project in visual c++, do this:-
1)go to Project
2)go to Settings
3)go to “C/C++” tab
4)check the Generate Browse Info box
5)go to “Link” tab
6)at the object/library modules:, you insert the word “glut32.lib” as the first thing inside the text field.
7)click OK

try to include this at the top of your file:-
#include <GL\glut.h>

well…hope this might help you…
see you

Technically, with VC++ and the latest glut header, you don’t need to add the library to the linker settings. The header has a line like

#pragma comment(“lib”, “glut32.lib”)

Which basically is the same as adding glut32.lib to the linker settings.

I should add that at least knowing about the link tab is a good thing, though. Eventually you may get away from glut and have to add opengl32.lib and glu32.lib to those settings. When you do, be sure to do it for both the debug and release builds as each one keeps track of it’s own compiler/linker settings.

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There’s about 3 files that you need in order to use the glut functions within your program.

  1. glut32.dll (in your Windows system directory)
  2. glut32.lib (in your programming library directory)
  3. glut.h (where your programming library stores gl.h and glu.h)