gl eyepoint orientation question

gl eyepoint orientation question

I have output data from a 6-DOF program, which calculates the position and orientation of an object over time. It also calculates the position and orientation of a viewer, or camera. So for each time slice I have objX, objY, objZ and camX, camY, camZ as well as objYaw, objPitch, objRoll and camYaw, camPitch, camRoll.

I know that that in GL, the camera, or eyepoint, is always at zero, so I transform the object positions into the viewer, or camera, coordinate system.

I need to orient the camera, or eyepoint, so that it is oriented in the direction dictated by the 6-DOF data, with, it’s position being (0,0,0). So basically rotate the eyepoint about the origin by (camYaw, camPitch, camRoll). Actually, I think the angles for the camera are euler angles.

How do I do this? Is it a simple glRotate call? If so, where would it go in relation to my glTranslate(s)?