GL extensions and nVidia


I don’t understand why my card (GeForce2 Pro) does not support WGL_EXT_extension_string or WGL_ARB_extension_string. In nVidia ext. specifications I found that it is supported with NV1x and later chipsets. Also I found that NV_vertex_buffer_object is supported with detonators R40. I haven’t got VBO. I’ve got detonators 43.45, so what’s going on?

Thanks in advance

Try to f**k this ext string & call getprocaddr for everything you need, if pointers are nulls, sorry, if not, they just forgot to type exts in string

Thanks! It worked. I got upset with it, what the heck is glGetString(GL_EXTENSIONS) for?

it’s kinda tells what extensions are available with your implementation but offen misses occurr like this one.Everything is documented thought so not to worry!

i’ve got geforece 2 ti and updated the driver to the¡£Well the opengl extension does include Vertex_object_buffer .
Another thing you might do is to download the lesson24 application from NeHe. Lesson 24 can check out how many extension your Graphic card support.

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From the OpenGL specs:

“Applications should call wglGetProcAddress to see whether or not wglGetExtensionsStringARB is supported.”

The nVidia drivers are doing the right thing.

OK, Looks like that I will have to get detonators 44.03. But with my modem connection it’ll be too expensive (18.8 MB file).