I posted this question few day ago but there was problem with my post (I can’t read that) so I post it again.

In my code, I use the extension GL_EXT_texture3D. However, GLEW told me that I don’t have that one on Mac. After checking the documents from Apple website, I saw that this extension was supported in OpenGL 1.2 implementation but then it went away. What changes should I make to use 3D texture?


EXT_texture3D has never been exported by any renderers on Mac OS X, and there has never been any support for glTexImage3DEXT().

EXT_texture3D was promoted to the core in OpenGL 1.2. So, look for GL_VERSION >= 1.2, and use the core function glTexImage3D() instead. This will work on all Mac OS X renderers that support >= 1.2.

Thanks arekkusu. I followed your instruction and it worked! You make my day!

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