It seems that new Nvidia GL driver can eat plain
Cg code using GLSL extensions. I’v just tested simple Cg shader in ShaderDesigned and it works !!!

Even more… I can access to all GLSL matrices from Cg code to avoid boring glTrackMatrix.

Anyone have more info about this?

btw… Im using FW 61.32 on FX5900XT


It’s an old topic but here are some infos about EXT_cg_shader

I know that… This topic is bumped (see post date).


I know that it’s an old topic but nVidia just released this information.

Do you know something more about this extension? Am I able to use it with NV2x CG fragment shaders?

If driver ext string reports EXT_Cg_shader you can use it. But, older cards doesn’t support fragment programs, so you are limited only for vertex programs. Even more, I think that position invariance doesn’t work well on non-FX hardware, ie… if you want multipass then forget fixed funcion pipeline and do it via vertex shaders.


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