Gl drivers

hi ppl

(in advance thank you all for taking the time to read this

How would i go about making my own gl drivers seen as gl open dont have the one i need

for which card? Generally drivers are made by firms that make the cards, if you make your driver for your linux like os ( as i suppose its for that u want to make a driver) i read at the ati site theire can do it for u, just ask hem

(sorruy for my spelling im a bit drunk

the card i’m using is an SiS 530 8 meg (just think all this just to run Black and white)

SIS is not very strong in terms of driver support or linux support.
Besides, isn’t the 530 old.

I know that matrox had openend their linux drivers so you can try optimizing it.


oops, that should be “not very strong in driver support”!
Damn alcohol!


V-man thanks for the reply;-)
the card is about 2 yrs old also its built-in to the board so i cant do much in the way of re-playsing the bugger.Also do u know of any driver update boards it would also be of great help


Also anyone else reading this the help would be great thanks to all