GL_DECAL and lighting

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It seems that if we specify the following function:
The lighting doesn’t affect the textured objects–Or at least, some of the lighting parameters don’t work in this case. Isn’t it?

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GL_DECAL flags OpenGL to replace the fragment color with the texture sample.
Since lighting is calculated first, then the texture is applied, lighting is obliterated.

If you want GL_DECAL application with lighting you have 2 choices:

  1. perform the texture application yourself in a fragment shader or,

Also, you can try to change GL_DECAY to GL_MODULATE. This way texels of a texture are blended with pixels in the buffer. Adding se glLightModeli( GL_LIGHT_MODEL_COLOR_CONTROL, GL_SEPARATE_SPECULAR_COLOR ); - like Aeuluend suggests - makes specular reflections more noticable when using textures.

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Indeed, however when using GL_MODULATE the alpha channel of the texture is modulated as well, so that areas in the texture that are alpha = 0.0 will ‘cut holes’ in the surface they are being mapped onto.

So the distinction becomes important when mapping textures containing text for example.

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Right you are ken!

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Unfortunately i cannot use from the glLightModeli( GL_LIGHT_MODEL_COLOR_CONTROL, GL_SEPARATE_SPECULAR_COLOR ); function in my program. :frowning: where can i download the latest version of the OpenGL API?

get the latest headers here:

should be in every OpenGL developer’s bookmarks :stuck_out_tongue: