GL based modular programming environment needs testers

I’ve been working on a realtime modular graphics design tool for awhile. Its called “Salvation” and its based on OpenGL. The software is similar to programs like Max/MSP/Jitter, Reason, Reaktor, etc. Adding custom “external” objects is fully supported and the SDK is available to those who are interested. I’ve tried to streamline the API as much as I can, and in my humble opinion it is quite a bit better than the Jitter SDK. There are some pictures of it here:

The beta testing forum was just started here:

Its an extremely useful development platform to me personally because I am able to quickly write OpenGL demo’s and effects without having to worry about user input, setting up GL extensions, creating/managing windows, loading textures/video clips, writing lfo or path algorithms every time, etc. I’m believe that a certain variety of other GL coders will find it useful too, so sign up @ the forum and I’ll hook ya up =)