GL_ATI_fragment_shader instead of GL_EXT_fragment_shader

Hi all!

I have installed ATI last driver for XFree(I am using Linux) but I have only vertex shader extension but not fragment, instead I have ATI_fragment_shader extension but it is not really what i expected it is not the same as GL_EXT_fragment_shader

here is the output of fglrxinfo

display: :0.0 screen: 0
OpenGL vendor string: ATI Technologies Inc.
OpenGL renderer string: RADEON 9600 XT Generic
OpenGL version string: 1.3.4641 (X4.3.0-3.14.6)

on windows there are no such problems

I don’t know any GL_EXT_fragment_shader extension. Do you mean GL_ARB_fragment_shader?

GL_EXT_fragment_shader is only supported by ATI start from Radeon 8500. It can provide fragment programming abilities for pre-ps2.0 cards.

GL_ATI_fragment_shader is a the equivalent of DirectX 8.0 Pixel Shader 1.4 (Or SM1.4).

It is supported since Radeon 8500.

GL_ATI_fragment_shader is not so bad (try ps14toATIfs for example, which let you uses DirectX Pixel Shader 1.4 in OpenGL).

Apparently the driver you have is only OpenGL 1.3 and lacks the GL_ARB_fragment_shader extensions.

Try to update your drivers, or wait for another release.

yes of course I mean GL_ARB_fragment_shader

>GL_ATI_fragment_shader is not so bad
yes but the problem is that I cannot use the same approach as with ARB_fragment_shader, I mean that i cannot write single fragment shader and use it. Intead of it I must make all work in main program.

The ATI 9600 is perfectly capable for GL_ARB_fragment_shader (OpenGL 2.0 extension).

Can you post the list of supported extensions (glxinfo I think)? Do you have, at least, GL_ARB_fragment_program ?

If GL_ARB_fragment_shader is not supported, but GL_ARB_fragment_program, you can still uses Cg and convert your GLSL shader into GL_ARB_vertex_program / GL_ARB_fragment_program

yes I have both ARB_vertex/fragment_program extension and also ARB_vertex_shader extension

under windows i have ARB_fragment_shader extension as well

Can you post the list of all your extensions ? (glxinfo). Seems weird for me.

For those who interested:
I have installed new driver and problem has gone

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