GL_AMD_debug_output => Debugging features!

New extensions are available in the registry. is really exciting. Some kind of debug profile like we asked for ages but inside the core profile.

There is some performances warnings in case of bad practice.
This extension will be so useful during development.


So it seems usefull, any idea how to use it ? ;D

Considering the similar names, it’s a good bet that it was a prototype version of ARB_debug_output.

Not just the names, but also the authors of the spec are the same:

  • Graham Sellers, AMD
  • Mark Young, AMD
  • Ahmet Oguz Akyuz, AMD

The list of authors has only broadened in ARB spec. Furthermore, the functions defined in the specs are identical

    AMD               ->               ARB

glDebugMessageEnableAMD() -> glDebugMessageControlARB()
glDebugMessageInsertAMD() -> glDebugMessageInsertARB()
glDebugMessageCallbackAMD() -> glDebugMessageCallbackARB()
glGetDebugMessageLogAMD() -> glGetDebugMessageLogARB()

So, it is the same functionality. Groovounet has found this extension before GL 4.1 appearance (take a look at the date of the post). In that time debug output was something that hasn’t been seen before.

Soo, anyone with an idea on how to use this ?


There is no better place to learn how to use this extension than OpenGL Registry

I’m planning a brief introduction to debug output to be my fifth tutorial on GL 4.1. I’ll inform you when it becomes available. Probably during the next week.

thanks dude =)

You are welcome! :wink:

And, because you are so interested in this extension, I have finished the fifth tutorial out of order. You can find it on this location:—tutorial-05

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