GizmoSDK 1.3.16 [ann]

29 June 2005

GizmoSDK 1.3 Beta 16
We have added features for a fully distributed scene graph that can be controlled and viewed on multiple workstations. You can create applications that shares the same scene and that interact with each other using object oriented ownership of parts in the scene. E.g. you can get the ownership of a specific transform in the scene and then set it so all viewers get a synchronized view.

We have also updated the TerraPage features so the viewer runs smoother and is able to manage a lot larger databases. The database can also have tiles (part of the TerraPage database) spread over multiple distributed hosts that will allow infinite databases. You can also use multiple TerraPage databases simultaneously and have several dedicated threads for loading/unloading data. We have added a ROAM alike algorithm that uses the same technique for split/merge for the paging and LOD management in the TerraPage manager so it runs very fast on complex scenes where you might have multiple LOD levels pending in the input queue without any visual anomalies.

The SGPV application is also updated.

New features for better load balance control in the GizmoDistribution API as well as some fixes of startup/sync bugs.