I do a lot of coding at my PC on Gizmo3D. I would like to share my experience and perhaps get some feedback from other users. I think the docs are bad (autogenerated ?), but the API is really good and the performance is great !

Where can I get Gizmo3d, so that I might evaluate it?

Marvin E Walden

what is it? Why should I use it?

I found Gizmo3D at but now there is a site at

Why do I use Gizmo3D ?

I do a lot of coding in OpenGL. Lately I have found out that I needed to add functions to do my own clipping, sorting, culling as well as other optimizations.

I got stuck ! so I started to look at APIs like OpenInventor, CrystalSpace, Performer and finally Gizmo3D.

I chose Gizmo3D because it had the cleanest C++ API and it was also very fast. I can now add my own OpenGL code to the Gizmo3D scene graph and get very high performance out of it.

The only thing I do not like is that the documentation is very poor, but when I had done some trial and error, everything worked out just fine.