Gimble Lock


I was just wondering if anyone knew of a series of rotations that will CAUSE gimble lock. Im trying to get around it, and it seems to work, so far, but it would be really helpful to test it with a set of rotations that are known to cause gimble lock.

Not sure if I explained that very well,

Thanks for your time,


pitch +90
then roll +90
then watch what changing the pitch does…

Some of the posts on gimble lock around here have been off. Gimble lock will not cause any problem in the viewer: Once you have a yaw,pitch,roll, feed those to opengl and it will display correctly.
The problem occurs in your math model as you integrate you changing values. You must either avoid pitch of ±90 degrees or use quaternion integration.
I guess the only way opengl would have anything to do with gimble lock is if you are using opengl rotation matrices to integrate your model states, which is not a good idea anyway.