gill bates *please reply*

I know there is not opengl2.
If you had bothered to read down all the post,
you would have seen my other post about opengl…(post 1)
How come some games like SOF plays ok but other games don’t??

Ok yes the SIS cards will run opengl, but only in software mode. Unfortunately, software mode doesn’t run very fast. I have never used my SIS card in anything like quake2, because I bought quake2 when i bought my voodoo. So it will run in software mode, but not in hardware (unless you have a newer version, i’m not sure if it does). FOr hardware acceleration, the video card manufacturers need to actually build it into the hardware and drivers.
In response to your last question SOF is based on the quake2 engine, with a few slight modifications. Q2 isn’t much of a graphics hog, compared to newer games (Q3), so it will run alright.