Gforce4 mx 440 8x , cg and shading language

does anybody know if gforce4 mx 440 8x series video card support the CG or opengl shading language.I download the cg compiler and demos but not run . The error is about especific extensions not supported by hw. ¿ How i can check for this extension ?

This graphics cards has AFIAK no hardware support for shaders at all.
But I think that there will be a support for the vertex shaders (emulated in software) but I don’t know the status of their drivers.

You can use glGetString(GL_EXTENSIONS) for quering the extension in you application or you can use glview:

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ok i try glview and surprise, the gl extensions claimed by cg are supported.

The glview use nvoglnt.dll (nvidia opengl 1.5 driver) but i see that cg use opengl32.dll by microsoft

anybody know some walkaround for this problem ??

The Geforce MX series do not have shader support.

Also the NV17 is lacking Vertex- and Pixel Shader support. Therefore MX cards do not fully support DirectX 8.xx. Instead nVidia offer Vertex Shader support by letting the CPU handle these conditions.
This was taken from this review of a Geforce MX 440.

They are basically a more powerful Geforce 2.
A Geforce 3 has vertex shader support.
A Geforce 4 TI has vertex shader support and crippled fragment shader support.
Geforce FX series have both.

Ok, thanks very much…

i go to drop my f…g card and buy one new fx or ti :smiley:

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