Gforce2 mx

i cannot seem to get my new video card, the Hercules prophet2 MX, to work correctly with Open GL. Can anyone out there help me to fiqure out what is wrong. i have downloaded the newest drivers and detonater software, but it does not help

I had the same problem. Without knowing your PC specs I can’t be sure but check the thread:

Help! I Got a geForce2 GTS yesterday and i cant get OPENGL TO WORK ONE BIT!

Several sugestions were posted.
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I fixed my problem by “dumbing” down my agp (via chipset) to 1x ( normal NOT turbo mode). I can now play opengl games…
Halflife, Elite force, FAKK2 ect…

Why do I have to slow down the AGP?
Don’t know.
For now it works.