gforce+opengl+xp no problems

finally i upgraded from i740 to gforce2 because intel stopped updating drivers for the i740 (no opengl).
Anyway, now i’m using the 21.83 drivers along with xp from nvidia and everything works fine.
As i read many posts here i would suggest people to not use the 23.xx drivers, but use the 21.83 drivers instead.
U can find these drivers on the nvidia website
Hope to help y all a littlebit with your problems…
I’ll read the follow ups if this thing helped or not…
See y

it works for me now, thx.

Still not working on my Open GL games with Windows XP (Mostly Quake III engine games, RTCQ, Medal Of Honour)

I get a crash as soon as I start playing and a sound loop.

This problem can be fixed quite easily with Quake 3 engine games, goto the setup and disable the GL Extentions, this fixed it for me, except in Medal Of Honour demo, because it does not have the option to disable the extentions, does anyone know how to do this for the console, if not, It says on the open GL site on the RIGHT bar that Windows XP needs an additional Open GL driver. And to do this you need to find out the card manufacturer.

(not NVIDIA if it is a geforce, it is the distributers name)

Mine is DELL, but I cannot get the drivers because I do not have a dell system, can anyone tell me what to do please?

what gfx board do you have???
You need to obtain the chipset in your gfx board, f.e. geforce, riva tnt, … are chipsets made by nvidia, but a lot of gfx board manufacturers use these nvidia chips.
If you find out which chipset is in your board, you can probably dld the right drivers from your chipset manufacturer…

So for gforce, riva tnt, … you can dld the right 21.83 drivers from nvidia, even if you gfx board is manufactured by creative, tiger, and so on

Hi, my problem is refresh rate of my monitor. When i start Return t. c. Wolf. in OpenGl it set the monitor to USER MODE and 60Hz. When I start it in Direct3D it set 1280x1024/85Hz. Where can I fix it.

I can not find the driver you say man should try… where can i find it on Nvidias page…

Hope you whrite to me…

here’s the link from i found on nvidia’s page :
Selecte 21.83 folder and then the driver for xp or win9x…

You could have easily found it yourself at nvidia’s page, if you just put 21.83 in the search window

With my pc the 21.83 as well as the 23.11 give no problems though