Gforce 4 TI 4200 - 8x and AGP version 1.0 slot

Hello, I have an old ASUS motherboard with a version 1.0 AGP slot, and run Win 98. I just bought a Club-3d gforce 4 ti 4200 (8X) card, but at startup I get all kind of strange characters all over the screen. In the “clouds” windows screen are black vertical lines. Once Windows is running it first looks normal, but after a while Icons disappear and all kind of graphical disturbances occur. Is this because I have an AGP v 1.0 slot or is there something wrong with my card???
Anyone please help me is you would be so kind.
A desperate guy from Amsterdam

You should take out that card immediately.

The motherboard operates the APG slot at 5 Volts, while the card only expects 3.3 Volts.

If you use that card any longer in that motherboard, it will get fried.

Thx 1234!, but according to the specs the ASUS P2B-F AGP slot is 3.3 Volts. And according to the vendor it should be possible to run the card on that board. But it is not running… and I ruined my Windows.


My fault, I meant 3.3V versus 1.15V. Anyway since you have a motherboard that is based on Intel’s BX chipset it already supports AGP 2x.

The only other problem I can think off is that either the mobo and/or the powersupply cant deliver enough current to keep everything running.

Hi thx.
I just got the card back to the store: it is bad (tested on proper mobo, and same problems). And ofcourse it was the last one. They offered me a 5200 instead. That I did not want so they gave my money back.
But I still want a ti4200-8x 128Mb (great card < $100 isn’t it?).

I am glad you got things sorted out.

It was also a clever move to avoid the FX5200 since it’s a piece of crap.

Since you have a BX board I assume you have a P3 <= 1Ghz. I somehow doubt that this processor can saturate a GF4, a GF3 seems more fitting. Dont get me wrong, of course a GF4 is faster then a GF3, but with your processor and a AGP2x motherboard the GF4 has to wait until new data is pushed towards it.

You may want to look for a Geforce3 or ATI 8500/9000.

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