GF4+WinME+anything openGL = error (Help)

I bought my GF4 A170 440MX about a month ago. Why?, because i had an old GF2 and it couldnt run Q3 because of sum openGL error. (could not load OpenGL subsystem) I thought the card was that crap, because my friends TNT could run it. So buying this should have fixed problem. How wrong was i. I got the same damn error. I cant install glsetup and i got latest drivers. I tried putting ; infront of DVA=0, that worked but i couldnt run non-openGL games, eg Operation Flashpoint. The game wouldnt load. I had to change my settings back. So im back with me basic games minus MOHAA,Q3 and RTCW. Is there a solution? I mean doesnt anyone notice this huge error? I mean i cant buy new games for the fear of incompatability.

Have you tried uninstalling Q3? And reinstalling it again? Before u got a new card?

Yeah i have
ive got it to work but at the cost of other games