GF3: My app in stereo w Nvidias 3D Stereo Driver

I use a GF3 and the Nvidia 3D Stereo Driver.
According to all the Nvidia doc’s

  • the driver is supposed to automatically
    work with any app, and there are no
    documents on how to ‘design’ your engine to be compatible, all the talk is about how to make stereo ‘look’ right.
    So, I should not even have to adjust my PixelFormatDescriptor since the driver
    takes care of everything?

I get crashes when I try to enter stereo mode (CNTL+T) in my own apps and in most simple downloaded apps (demos, gametutorials, nehe etc). Not all the
time though, one time a had a very small
scene that work but adding more geometry
caused it to crash.

It does always works prefectly with Unreal Tournament and Wolfenstein3D for example.

I really am stucked on this one, I mean,
what is it the the UT/ Wolf code that
is missing in mine in terms of ‘compability’ with this ‘automatic’ driver?

Thanks in advance.

I’ve had the same problems.

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i’ve heard much talk that DX9 will permit stereo buffering in their api, which might be the catalyst to encourage OpenGL driver writers to support GL’s native Left/Right BackBuffer scheme. Its a shame that only workstation-class cards support GL-stereo and the only consumer-class option is a display-panel-setting for drivers…not the desired app-controlled stereo which let’s developers handle the presentation problems of 2d/3d depth separation correctly—

I have also come across two seperate driver bugs with the Left/Right backBuffer scheme. Stereo seems to be the NVIDIA’s driver’s Achillies heel.