GF 7900 GTX bug with VBO-data & non-VBO-indices?

Are there any known issues with the GF 7900 GTX w.r.t. using VBO vertex data with indices not stored in indices-VBOs (GL_ELEMENT_ARRAY_…)?

If I use no VBO at all (just plain vertex arrays in main mem) and if I use VBOs for everything (vertex data & vertex indices) everything works as expected.

BTW: mixing of VBO-data and non-VBO-indices works on all ATI and all other NVidia cards tested …

I’m using this approach myself. Didn’t have any problems on any drivers I had installed during last year (I’ve updated them about 3-4 times).
Works on:
-GeForce4 MX
-GeForce4 Ti
-GeForce 6600 GT
-GeForce 6800 Ultra
-GeForce 7800 GT
-Radeon 9550
-Radeon 9800
-Radeon X850
Tested with fixed functionality (vertex + texcoord2d + normal) and with GLSL shaders (vertex + texcoord2d + normal + 2x vertex attrib)
Perhaps I should test my game on 7900GTX then…

You may have a bad 7900 GTX; I had two faulty ones at launch, and spent a long time on useless debugging.

We have 3 cards! All show the same behavior!

Are they all the same brand? (eVGA by any chance?) Do they have similar serial numbers? Can you post a sample app?

Any comments from NVidia guys?