getUrl().getElement() Question


In the importing tutorial it says it can be done like so.

daeElement* geom = geomInst->getUrl().getElement();

This helps, but in my code however, I need it to be typed instead of using a daeElement so I can take advantage of the functions of a typed class.

domGeometry* geom = (domGeometry*)geomInst->getUrl().getElement();

Is this possible?



Seems like I got it to work, for anybody wondering the same thing, here is an example.

// Where GeomInstanceArray[] is of type domInstance_geometry_Array
// Fetch the Geometry instance from an array.
domInstance_geometry* geomInst = GeomInstanceArray[m];

// Get the geometry
daeElement* Elem = geomInst->getUrl( ).getElement();
domGeometry* GeometryElem = (domGeometry*)Elem;


Have you read the wiki article about … OLLADA_DOM ?