getting z- and frame-buffer without glReadPixels()

Hi there.

I need to read the entire Z- und

my solution:

Is there a faster way to do this!?
maybe a way to get the memory offset of
both, z- and framebuffer directly?

thanks in Advance


Not really.

I don’t know, there should be some way to get this information. Some way OpenGL must get this info too. I’ve tried to get the info out of the Mesa source code, but haven’t had any luck with this yet.

So any suggestions how I could get simply a pointer to the OpenGL-frame- and -z-buffer (might not be the hole screen, I am working right now with GLUT in window-mode)?

I am working under linux with a GeForce3, but I think there must be function to do this platform and hardware independent!?

thanks in advance


Well I have no idea how the data is stored in the frame buffer so is there really a point to getting a pointer to it? I wouldn’t think that it is a nice array of unsigned char pixel values! Hence the need for glreadpixels as opposed to glgetpixelpointer, or something. Oh I dunno…