Getting the EGL context in Qt

Hi all,

I’m currently stuck trying to display an EGL Stream in a QT Quick App.
Platform is a Nvidia Jetson AGX.
Qt is configured with -opengl es2

I did some testproject without Qt to get the basic EGL Stream setup right and this is working.
Now I’m trying to integrate this into Qt, but something is wrong.

Basically I tried 2 different approaches:
1.) Create an own egl context, surface, use the X11 Window and such, but this fails later on with:

QEGLPlatformContext: eglSwapBuffers failed: 300d

Which indicates a EGL_BAD_SURFACE. This should mean that the surface is no drawing surface.
But I have no clue why…

2.) I tried to grab the EGLContext from the QEGLNativeContext and use the EGLDisplay and EGLContext from it. This fails when trying to make the context current on the consumer side → fails with EGL_BAD_MATCH
This is indicating a problem with either the surface or the context. It feels like something is struggling with some Qt internals.

Does anyone have insights into Qt and (I assume) its EGL internals?

I also asked this on the Qt forums but got no answers yet, so I decided to ask on the EGL side as well.

Thanks + Best,

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