Getting started with shader programming

Hi everyone. I’d like to get started on learning how to program various shaders. I was wondering if anyone could recommend some good books or websites to get started with.

Books besides the orange book of course.


May be this one stop crash course in glsl that i wrote will do, it’s not that in depth, but it will give you a basic framework to work on.

Then there is clockworkcoders .
It’s where i learned glsl.

I found to be very helpful in getting started.

Nice tutorial zeoverlord.

Tried to run the pixel shader example.


Error: 0:19: ‘max’ no matching overloaded function found.
Error: 1: Compilation errors. No code generated.

Ran. But the tank colored green.

Tried to edit the code. Failed to compiled in vc8. Changed some header…

#include <fstream>


using namespace std;

Thank you.

Yea i know, it’s coded for vc6, and vc8 doesn’t like that, i will probably fix that when the new NeHe lessons are out.

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