Getting started with OpenGL for the web

I wish create a 3D environment for the web. I have C++ experience but no OpenGL or web programming experience.

I want to make something similar to this:
only not using flex.

Can someont please tell me how/where to begin to do this using OpenGL.
What package do I download?
What language must I use for OpenGL programming for the web etc.
Thanks for any help you can give me.

You can use WebGL, but actually is not really supported.
Is supported only in crome, beta version of firefox (and you must enable it by hands) and probably safari, Internet explorer don’t support webGL.

Otherwise you can use Java and JoGL… or if you want to develop your plugins you are welcome, but nobody will see your work.

OpenGL in the web is possible with JavaScript + WebGL. You can create a Canvas3D-Element and draw on it with WebGL.

I recommend using Minefield, you can get it here.
If you use Minefield, you´ll have to go to “about:config” and set the value of “webgl.enabled_for_all_sites” to “true”.
Then you´re ready to use WebGL.
It seems that the Chromium nightly also supports WebGL if you start it with --enable-webgl and --no-sandbox.

I wrote 2 simple examples some time ago, which can be seen here.
The readme´s aren´t working, seems to be a problem of my hoster. The code are released under the GNU GPL 2.
I used a german tutorial and for them.

Finally, here are some links: (Vector and matrix math)

Hi guys,

I have similar need. I have an OpenGL application in python which creates 3D volume to be rendered. It works perfectly fine as desktop application but I want to render the same on web.

Is there a way to use the same code somehow to embed it on web???

by the way, @Venom, your examples dont seem to work on my webGL enabled chrome browser… is there any way that you can help??

look forward to hearing from someone… thanks…

Was there a need to resurrect a 4 month old thread to ask this question?

Is there a way to use the same code somehow to embed it on web???

No. You have to re-write it in some other language.