Getting started with OpenGL 3.3

Hello everybody. Up and until now I’ve been using OpenGL 1.1 when doing graphics programming. I had an old crappy graphics card which limited me to version 1.1 Also, I was afraid to venture higher than version 1.1 because I knew if I kept myself restricted to version 1.1 I could be reasonably assured that my graphics programs would run on almost anyone’s computer with little effort on my part. But now I want to do more. So, I was wondering if one of you could direct me to a site with a good tutorial on what libraries I need for OpenGL 3.3 functionality and exactly how to use them. Plus, if you could point me to a website that would explain what I need to include with my programs and how to go about making an install program that would put OpenGL 3.3 on the person’s machine if their graphics card supports it so they can run my programs. If any of you could clue me in on these things that would be great. Thanks in advance.

That’s what the Wiki is for :

as to libraries, that’s in the “Getting Functions” section.

Feel free to check out the FAQ as well