Getting started:Linux, voodo3

What is the easiest way to get started with hardware accelerated 3d on linux.
Hows this?
get redhat version ??? (does this have GLX?)
install MESA ???
do I need anything else (glide, hardware drivers?)

Just wondering.

Mandrake is easier for complete newbies, I find. GLX is part of the X server (usually), so yes, you will get GLX.

I don’t think you’ll need glide for voodoo3, although I may be lying. I’m pretty sure DRI ( supports Voodoo3 and above directly.

But your safer bet is getting a more recent nvidia or Matrox card.


Mandrake is almost the best option. Why almost? It works very well, and it installs everything for 3d hardware acceleration with Voodoo 3. The only problem is that the KDM (graphical user login) is buggy, and when you use it, acceleration won’t work.

The best solution: Mandrake + no graphical user login (runlevel 3), or just use another graphical login (GDM is nice).

Thanks, I’ll look into mandrake.
Any clues: redhat 5.0 works find on my PC (old souped up Packard Bell). redhat 7.0 AND SuSE (something) fail to boot. the go
Loading Linux …

and hardly every get any further. I hesitate to buy another Linux till I can figure this out.
I know, I need to get a new computer.


Mandrake is free if you download it from there web site.
(2 CD’s though and so you need a fast connection and a cd burner)

Or $5 from

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