Getting Rid of Menu Bar


I have a program that uses the full screen however, the menu bar doesn’t disappear.

Is there a way to get rid of the menubar using GLUT? I know there is a complicated way to do this under the Mac windowing system, but I’d rather use glut.

I’m on a mac running OS 9.2 with the latest OpenGL SDK installed.

Use the GLUT game mode functions. Just replace your existing call to glutCreateWindow with something like this:

    glutCreateWindow("Window Title");

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The way to make a full screen with Mac Window’s isn’t as tough as you think. In 9.2, you’ll need to include Movies.h or Quicktime.h.
Simply use the function: BeginFullScreen.
Full screen takes a few paremeters.

Simple enough:
Ptr Desktop;
GDHandle mainDevice = GetMainDevice();
RGBColor EraseColor = {0,0,0};
WindowPtr myWindow;
1068, //your resolution width
768, //your reso height

And when you’re done, call:

You’ll have to keep Desktop in your app class or global.

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