Getting OPenGL installed

i downlaoded the .dlls and stuff. but how do i program with opengl? i have borland turbo c++ ver3 and DJGPP. do i haveto compile opengl first or something? PLEASE HELP!!!

To be able to program with OpenGL you can do the following.
You can load the functions you need directly from the .dll files, then you don’t need the library files.
Or you can get the Mesa3D (OpenGL comatible API) source at and compile you own library. Don’t know anything about compiling Mesa3D on Borland/DJGPP, but there shouldn’t be any problems if you read and follow the instructions (maybe you have to do some modifications in the makefiles).

Think there is a utility shipped with Borland compilers to convert MSVC library files fo borland library files. If you got that program, you can download the precompiled library for MSVC.