Getting errors in converting Openmax fft into gas format

Hi all,
I’m trying to cross-compile Openmax fft onto linux platform using code sourcery.
I have started converting the whole set of files (Openmax fft for RVDS 4.0) into “gas” format.
This is required because arm-gcc requires assembly files in gas format and openmax fft follows arm-cc format.
I’m facing with these errors.

undefined reference to omxSP_FFTFwd_CToC_SC32_Sfs' /openmax/bulid/../src/sigproc.c:481: undefined reference toomxSP_FFTInv_CToC_SC32_Sfs’
sigproc.o: In function SymTiming': /openmax/bulid/../src/sigproc.c:603: undefined reference toomxSP_FFTFwd_CToC_SC32_Sfs’
/openmax/bulid/…/src/sigproc.c:647: undefined reference to omxSP_FFTInv_CToC_SC32_Sfs' sigproc.o: In functionFFT’:
/openmax/bulid/…/src/sigproc.c:809: undefined reference to `omxSP_FFTFwd_CToC_SC32_Sfs’

These functions are deifined in assembly file and I’ve included them into my make file.
I’ve also mentioned respective header file .
Any idea,where i’m missing.
Suggestions are welcome.
Thanks & Regards

I am doing the same thing. A lot of macros need to be converted into GAS format.
Does anyone know where I can find OpenMax source converted for GAS format ?