getting EGL_BAD_DISPLAY using eglquerysting() API

Hi Community,

I am building conformance test suite for Open GL ES 2.0 with EGL support.When I run cts-runner,i am getting above error(EGL_BAD_DISPLAY) while getting EGL extensions with API egl.querystring().

Anything I am missing here OR is it because of lib<vendor>.so/ issue?

My platform is linux(arm64 ) with x11 as window manager.

Let me know if you want more information

All I can do is point you to the EGL spec. Section 3.3 EGL Queries.

On failure, NULL is returned.
An EGL_BAD_DISPLAY error is generated if dpy is not a valid display,
unless dpy is EGL_NO_DISPLAY and name is EGL_EXTENSIONS or EGL_-

The EGL driver thinks you are providing an invalid EGLDisplay handle as the first argument. Start with verifying that eglGetDisplay is returning something other than EGL_NO_DISPLAY.